Our Philosophy

santosha_logo_2014Studio Santosha Yoga was born out of a deep love for personal transformation.  We strive to meet students where they are and help carry them forward into where and who they want to be. Studio Santosha Yoga & Wellness is a place to begin or expand one’s study of yoga asana, philosophy and meditation, create a space for healing through alternative holistic therapies, shop for a gift, or just visit with a friend!  From the moment you walk into our humble space you’ll feel uniquely safe allowing you to experience a full spectrum of healing offerings.  There will be personal catering to all levels of practitioners, from those just beginning to those deepening an advanced practice.

Our instructors are all highly trained and love working with first time yogis to the advanced yogini and everyone in between. We believe that yoga should be affordable to anybody and accessible to everyone. We will never turn anyone away for lack of funds.  This is yoga for everyone!

Santosha is a Sanskrit word meaning contentment.   Contentment is serenity, but not complacency. It is comfort, but not submission; reconciliation, not apathy; acknowledgment, not aloofness. Contentment is a mental decision, a moral choice, a practiced observance.