You know how some instructors are like drill sergeants? And some are like stoned hippies from the 70s? Not here. Always the perfect balance combining the physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects of yoga. Also, you will not feel like an outsider here if you don’t know anyone or if you are not flexible like Gumby. Studio Santosha is a great place to begin or expand your yoga practice because they believe in and practice ACCEPTANCE.  I have some structural issues with my spine and have to be very careful when choosing instructors, but I am always confident that classes here will focus on alignment and safety.  Since practicing with the teachers at Studio Santosha I have become stronger, healthier, and calmer. I rarely go to the chiropractor any more, no longer need physical therapy, no more acupuncture, no pain medication. Thank you Studio Santosha! – Geri Garrett

My first teacher ever was Jeneara Heran. I can not say enough about how this individual inspires me. She explained Yoga poses in a manner that helped me understand how to avoid injuries and maximize their purpose as well as making me feel at ease. She actively demonstrates how Yoga is not just a practice of poses on a mat but a philosophy of life as well. Her decision to work together with partners Amber Samplin and Carrie Sotebeer Clarke, to open a “donations only” studio was an incredible bonus for the Yoga community. I am awed at the amount of outside musical artists, guides and other artistic talent they have brought to Studio Stantosha. Their commitment to their community is truly a gift – thank you. – MB

Wonderful, affordable yoga studio in the Northwest Valley!<3 Are you ready to take your yoga practice to a deeper level? Each and every Studio Santosha instructor will guide you, and personalize each class to meet your individual needs and practice. Check out the variety of classes and workshops offered and take a session today! You will instantly fall in love with yoga and this warm and friendly studio! – HW

I’m totally in love with yoga again due to this studio and the teachers. The classes are wonderful as are the teachers and they offer many different types and levels . It is a warm and inviting space . I would recommend this studio to anyone and everyone ….- CN

I know the owner of this new studio right in my neighborhood, there are awesome teachers here, check it out!! – RC

Ah-Maz-ING! Great place to practice – especially if you are a newbie like me. – CS

I love every instructor I’ve ever had at Studio Santosha Yoga! They make you feel right at home and I love that they provide yoga that is affordable and accessible to anyone. – MK

A wonderful progressive and relaxing studio. – CC

I would highly recommend Studio Santosha Yoga, especially for those who are just starting their practice or coming back to their practice after a hiatus. I have taken classes from five different instructors at Studio Santosha and while each of them has their own unique style, all of them are committed to a method of practice that works best for you. They are not interested in comparing students to one another or pushing students farther than their bodies can go. I am a plus-sized woman and was very nervous to try yoga in a group setting where I knew I would not be able to accomplish all of the poses. The Studio Santosha staff and their method of instruction easily helped erase those fears and helped me find a practice that works for me. As a result I am stronger, more flexible, more confident and even smaller. Thank you Studio Santosha! – Jen Sweeney